Sunday, July 18, 2010

Coversation 2

I am in the Victoria airport preparing to board a plane to Edmonton and then onto Regina. Moments before they announce pre-boarding I overhear a conversation that a man is having on his cellphone sitting behind me. The man is seated so his back is to my back; he has strawberry blond hair and beach-like attire. He speaks in your typical “sup dude, wanna grab a pint” kind of tone. His vocal presence was comparable to California surf culture meets Western Canadian “broseph” culture. (are they even different? inform me) Young people and the beach, let me tell you.

Anyways, the body of his conversation painted me a picture of a young man who just got dumped by his girlfriend and is heading back to Alberta to visit family and friends, desperately looking for drinking buddies that can make him feel better about his heavy heart. (which is he is too masculine to reveal)


“Hey John, what’s up buddy? Aw not much, I’m on my way to Edmonton right away here. Ya, its kind of hard to leave Vic, it’s so nice here. No doubt, no doubt. Ya, so you heard me and Jen broke up? Ya. ya..... oh ya. Ya, we haven’t even seen each other yet. But whatevz, s’al good. She’s just a chick right? ha, ya. You interested in a drink later? Oh ya, fuck. Bumber dude, I really wanna see you, pound a few back, have a conversation. Aight, ya. Right. Alright, well....if you change your mind just give me a ring. Ya, I’m thinking of hittin’ up White Ave for some Bevy’s, you know, seein’ some peeps. Cool bro, get at me”.

He looks depressed all of a sudden. He redials.... He leaves a message....

“Hey man, it’s Pat, just wondering what’s up. I’m going to be in town for a couple weeks, we should get together for some drinks. Not sure what your work schedule is, holla at me dude. Alright, take care. Peace.

He redials.... leaves a message

“Amber, its Pat, just wanted to let you know I’m in town for some time, we should get together, REALLY talk about our feelings (he says in a playful and satirical voice). Anyways, text me or call back and let me know w’sup.” Alright, peace out.”

He redials, get’s a hold of some guy.......

Tom? Right on buddy how goes it? Fuckin’ rights bro... what’s that? ah ya, fuck man, It’s rough. haha, ya. Ya we just broke up dude. Fuck, whatevz brother we got each other. You work tomorrow? Fuck.... aight, aight, well just give me a shout whenever duder. Aight, peace”.....ya for sure bro, alight, peace”.

He looked so broken and alone. I wished I could have been his drinking buddy. Maybe we could have talked about some poor server’s breasts and flirt with young girls that don’t even do their own banking yet. And the hockey score. Oh wait, it’s not hockey season.... I mean we could talk about how much money we make and what province is calling us.

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