Sunday, July 18, 2010

Conversations I hear

"Conversations I Hear" is a new project of mine that involves me inadvertently picking up on what I consider to be interesting conversations in social space and jotting-down the most interesting highlights. Later on I will type these highlights into a 're-telling' of the conversation online. These conversations will initially be posted on facebook (because that's where all my friends and acquaintances will see them immediately without a link) , and then to be formally plugged into a blog. Maybe one day it will be an extended publication with a forward by an academic hero, who knows, but for now....

"Conversations I Hear"

Conversation number one

I walk into an all you can eat sushi restaurant in Kitchener, Ontario. There is a wide selection of seats available to the left of the restaurant but since I am alone the waiter seats me at a 'single' table that is in close parallel proximity to another table of teenagers. There were three females and a male. The male was dressed in a seashell necklace with his his blond hair gelled up in the front, 1997 style. He had a blond goatee. The women were in skimpy summer clothes. If it were not for the sectional wall dividing us, we would all be sitting at the same table. At first I was annoyed by this dynamic of space, and then I started to listen to what they were saying:

The first dialogue that caught my attention was this:

"Can you spell D.U.I"? says the male

"Shut up Derek, you drink and drive all the time" responds one of the females

"I haven't drank and drove since last week. Wait, I did on my birthday. haha. I'm baaad..." (baaad is said in a very cute, Gabbo form the Simpsons kind of voice)

One of the females adds to the conversation in an equally cute and non-confrontational tone-

" You lied to me on you're birthday. You said you didn't drive home silly".

"I'm baaaaad" responds the male

"Was that the night my cousin bitched you out?" asks one of the females

I ordered my first barrage of sushi and tuned back into the conversation to hear the following fragments. Keep in mind, I didn't have a tape recorder so I had to write as fast as possible, thus producing these fragments as they are. There may be some minor transmission due to this factor.

"I remember in grade 10 I had a decent amount of shoes, like 9 pairs. And Nikki Damanski deliberately bought like, 3 pairs of the same ones I had in different colors"

One of females begins to talk about her fake I.D-

"When I go into the LB I twirl my car keys around my fingers so I look older"

"That looks nothing like you"

" I also have Anna's visa. I'm like...shoppinnnng!"

All of a sudden several text signals go off in short proximity to each other (weird) and each individual becomes immersed in their own phone. Eventually the male begins to read his message- " It's Sean, he's like...still working, off at 9, let's go drinking'. Fuck ya, right on buddy".

The conversation then switches back to the question of whether or not the female looks old enough to buy alcohol. The male blurts out-

"Just show them your tits. I walk up into the place gangsta. I'm like, whaddup shawty, let's get crizzle".

Later on, several spicy tuna rolls later I take a quick glance at the male as he has finally shut up for a few moments. I Iook into his eyes and strangely imagine a more sensitive and reflective side to this individual. His distracted and somber gaze briefly put my character judgements aside; I convinced myself that perhaps he had a soul. And then he spoke again in response to whatever someone else was saying-

"I'll stab you in the jugular, huh huh".

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